We need to doubt if we want to get to know something. We cannot hope that having certain beliefs and convictions will do the trick. Beliefs are like a blindfold blocking our vision, making us wander about in darkness.

Doubt is not a shift in beliefs, although it might cause that, but it is there in uncertainty and insecurity that is caused by a conflict between beliefs, beliefs that seem equally true but from which we are unable to discern the truer one. It is the detachment from those beliefs that is the doubt and if we are unwilling to go through that insecurity it is hard to move along and make progress towards something truer. The willingness to compare and to weigh things gives us the possibility to see lies and delusion we are unwillingly participating in.

When we detach ourselves from a set of beliefs we set sail and move towards open watersin the hope of finding a safer, better harbor. If we don’t set sail how could we ever arrive? At some point it becomes obvious that this place we are in wont give us an answer, wont satisfy us and that we need to leave to even have a chance in finding something that might do the trick, this is doubt.

Without doubt we are stuck and cannot move. With it we might have to go through harder times and harder places before we can find something, before we even can realize that there might be something to find.

Doubt is seeking.

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